Affordable. Flexible.

Talenty is a recruitment solutions provider specifically designed for start-ups and SMEs

Let’s address the elephant in the room…

Most startups and SMEs would love an internal recruitment function…

But can’t yet justify the expense. That’s why we started Talenty.

  • An instant-on, flexi-time internal recruitment function 
  • Building and managing your direct hiring channels
  • Optimising your tools and processes
  • Enhancing your employer brand
  • Helping you get the hires you need
  • At a fraction of the cost

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Why do clients work with us?

It won’t break the bank

Our monthly retainer starts at just £1k per month, giving you instant access to a full recruitment function.

No notice periods

Pause at any time, turn it back on when you need us.

Our billing model is fair

Scale your retainer up or down on a month to month basis in line with your priorities.

Our expertise

We work across all roles as any internal recruiter would. We work from entry-level to leadership across all domains.

We do more than just “recruitment”

We take the meaning of “representing your brand” to another level. From writing job descriptions, careers page content, social media, creating interview and onboarding processes, through to HR and retention (EVP). We focus on the whole talent lifecycle, not just solving your headcount problems.

We always do right by our clients

We don’t force placements. Our team is promoted based on the ability to consult and perform at the highest level.

We help you identify and optimise the best tools

We are tech agnostic so we fit into your ecosystem. We can help you select the best tools and then optimise them for your specific needs.

We work to maximise your direct hires

To date, 91.4% of all hires made by the companies we partner with have been made through direct channels, with no additional fees.

What our clients say